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Because You Can Never Have Enough Awkward Sex, Here’s the Chewing Gum Season Two Trailer

The charming, elastically nimble Michaela Coel is back for a second season of Chewing Gum, the sitcom that reminded you that Brits are definitely better at weird rom-coms than Americans right now. The first season, which is available on Netflix, stars Coel as Tracey, a 24-year-old virgin chafing under the restraints of a religious boyfriend and mother. Well, it’s always one step forward, two awkward steps back, ain’t it? For the British, the second season of Chewing Gum premieres on E4 January 12 with the premiere episode appropriately titled “WTF Happened?” Americans will just have to imagine those words in Tracey’s voice until the second season comes to the U.S.

Watch Chewing Gum Season Two Trailer