Take a Virtually Unreal Peek Into a Childish Gambino Concert With His VR Video for ‘Me and Your Mama’

For those who couldn’t make the trek out to Joshua Tree this summer and now can’t be bothered to download an app, Donald Glover has a present for you. He’s made a clip of himself, as Childish Gambino, performing “Me and Your Mama” (one of Vulture’s Best Songs of the Year) from his top-secret PHAROS shows available to watch on YouTube, but still in virtual reality so you don’t totally miss out on the experience. Cherish it now because that’s all you’re getting. According to a press release, all future PHAROS performances will be exclusive only to those dedicated fans who preorder the VR vinyl version of his new album. (Even though he’s yet to explain what the hell a VR vinyl entails.) One more surprise: He’s also set to perform on The Tonight Show on December 14, in plain old reality.

Watch Childish Gambino ‘Me and Your Mama’ Video