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Watch Stephen Colbert Learn Why Santa Voted for Trump in His Animated Christmas Special

While children on the naughty list are led to believe they ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ for Christmas, 70-year-old men with similar track records might just get the highest office in the land. At least, that’s what Santa explains to cartoon Stephen Colbert during The Late Show’sGood Grief, It’s a Stephen Colbert Christmas Special” segment on Tuesday night. Using the very familiar animation style of another holiday special, the normally upbeat Colbert takes a page from Charlie Brown’s book and lets out his anxious disappointment surrounding the end-of-the-year festivities. Instead of bringing cheer and Christmas joy, or imparting a nice lesson like Linus would have, Santa Claus proves himself to be just another older white American dude who voted for President-elect Donald Trump. Ho, ho, ho, no!

Watch Colbert Learn Why Santa Voted for Trump