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The Circle Trailer: Emma Watson Is Making Her Own Damn Black Mirror With Tom Hanks and John Boyega

Like most contemporary science fiction, The Circle centers on fears of techno-capitalism run rampant, has some surreal Silicon Valley minimalist production design, and features British actors doing their best American accents. The British actors in question are Emma Watson and John Boyega, in his first major post–Force Awakens film. Tom Hanks, clad in a quarter-zip, stars as the founder of the mysterious company at the heart of the movie, which is like Facebook, but much bigger and maybe less evil. James Ponsoldt (The Spectacular Now, The End of the Tour) directed the film, which is based on the novel by Dave Eggers. The director assured IndieWire that the movie isn’t a “is tech destroying our relationships” retread: “At its core, it’s a character study of someone who is trying to figure out how to live a meaningful life, who wants to do something with her life, who wants to leave a legacy, and isn’t quite sure how to do it,” Ponsoldt said. The Circle opens on April 28. See the original teaser below and the new trailer above.

The Circle Trailer: Emma Watson Sees Tech’s Sinister Future