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This Gilmore Girls Title Credits Redux Will Fix at Least One Gripe You Had About the Revival

Good as it is to have a beloved show back, there’s a lot about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life that is alternately baffling and off (THREE cell phones, the face formally known as Chad Michael Murray, Luke’s hair). But there was one choice more immediately glaring than all the rest: the absence of that classic title credits sequence, with Carole King and daughter Louise Groffin (and you, blaring like a banshee from the comfort of your home) singing “Where You Lead.” Sure, there were only four new Gilmore installments, so maybe Amy Sherman-Palladino felt pressed for time, but we’d wager that even the most diehard of Sutton Foster fans would’ve chipped a minute-and-a-half off of that musical for the cause. Thankfully, YouTube’s heroic “rose tyler” (she always was a resourceful one) is here to bring back some of that missing magic, setting “Where You Lead” to A Year in the Life scenes. Honestly, what was the point of Rory’s stress-tapping if not this exact end?

Watch Gilmore Girls Get Updated Title Credits