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Jaden Smith’s ‘Fallen’ Music Video Also Would Have Made a Great Westworld Finale

You’d pay $40,000 to watch Jaden Smith stumble around a synthetic old-timey Western town, right? Lucky for you, that violent delight is available to you for the low, low price of absolutely free in his newly released “Fallen” music video, no violent end required. Set in 1867 Calabasas, something has gone terribly awry with Jaden’s programming, as evidenced by the “vomiting in front of a beautiful fuchsia sunset” moment that comes out of nowhere, but creating AI has never been a perfect science. Hopefully the second season of Westworld can answer all the new questions introduced by Jaden’s video, questions like, “How hungover can those hosts get, exactly?”

Watch Jaden Smith’s Westworld-y ‘Fallen’ Video