Katherine Heigl Is Ready to Stab Everyone Into Remembering Her in Unforgettable Trailer

Done completely with her romantic-comedy past, Katherine Heigl embraces her new film career as a murderous, jealous wife for a second time in two years (see 2015’s Home Sweet Hell) in Unforgettable. This time around, Heigl’s ex-husband (Geoff Stults) has had the audacity to get engaged to another woman (Rosario Dawson), and Heigl is taking it pretty poorly. Like, obsessive-stalking-and-stabbing poorly. Considering this new trend in Heigl’s career, Alex Karev should let out a sigh of relief knowing that Izzie Stevens left Seattle Grace Hospital without taking a scalpel to him and/or Jo. Unforgettable hits theaters April 21.

Watch Katherine Heigl in Unforgettable Trailer