Watch Lady Gaga Complete Her Emotional Transformation Into Joanne in the ‘Million Reasons’ Video

A Lady Gaga music video used to be a seismic event, now it’s more like a quiet storm blowing in the desert. Her latest, for the breathtaking ballad “Million Reasons,” picks up in that exact locale, right where “Perfect Illusion” left off, with Gaga emotionally spent and stranded in the middle of nowhere. She’s quickly rescued by her team of disciples and whisked away to the pop-star life she no longer recognizes. Poor Gaga, she’s a shell of herself. Then, suddenly, enters Joanne. Gaga emerges from the black-and-white desolation of her dressing room, inspired by an old Catholic school rosary gifted from her sister — plus a visit from a priest, because you can’t let a good Jesus in the desert metaphor go to waste — in her true final form: full blush pantsuit, wide-brimmed stetson, and white guitar that’s almost bigger than her. Dolly Parton would most definitely approve.

Watch Lady Gaga’s ‘Million Reasons’ Video