the last word

Shirley MacLaine Is Taking Charge of Her Obit — and Its Writer, Amanda Seyfried — in The Last Word Trailer

While controlling, wealthy older women are nothing new to cinema, Shirley MacLaine is ready to show the warm thawed heart of her character, without losing her cutting bite, in the trailer for The Last Word. In the movie, MacLaine’s character sets out to read her own obituary before she dies by barraging a young newspaper writer (Amanda Seyfried) with her various requests. How MacLaine has so much control over Seyfried’s time (doesn’t she know print is much closer to death than a spry, healthy octogenarian?) is unclear, but along the way she decides she needs to be a better person. This self-improvement mission involves becoming a DJ, hanging out with a child she’s never met before, and dancing. The movie is set to hit theaters March 3.

Watch Shirley MacLaine Star in Last Word Trailer