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Rosewood Comes Tumbling Down in Pretty Little Liars’ Final Episodes Trailer

All good things, like Aria’s pink hair streaks, must sadly come to an end. Freeform has released a short trailer for the ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars’ final season, and things aren’t looking too great in the bustling metropolis of Rosewood! (Well, when have things ever looked good in Rosewood, really?) There’s not too much to unpack here, but it seems Spencer is shattering some pottery out of rage, Emily is her normal confused self, and Hanna keeps on making quips even in the most dire of circumstances. We’ll miss ya, you wonderful, should’ve-gone-to-the-police-in-episode-one Liars. The final episodes will begin airing on April 18, giving you plenty of time to finalize your wildest “A” theories.

Watch the Pretty Little Liars Final Trailer