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T.J. Miller Got Up on His Soapbox to Avoid Talking About the Elephant in the Room During His Critics’ Choice Award Opening Monologue

After T.J. Miller was arrested earlier this week for reportedly getting into an altercation with an Uber driver over politics, everyone waited with bated breath to hear what the Silicon Valley star would say when he hosted tonight’s Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony. “We need to address the elephant in the room,” Miller teased, before going into a joke about Russian hackers, a dance number from A Chorus Line, and taking a stand on a soapbox, clearly labeled. Though he never mentioned the run-in with the police, the comedian did get in a dig at President-elect Donald Trump, “Hey, trolls did well this year — not the movie, but dudes on the internet. One of them got elected president.” He also asked the country to come together, “TV and film can bring us together. TV, especially, because we are one nation, one couch, one potato.” Watch the video above.

Watch T.J. Miller’s Critics’ Choice Award Opener