Watch Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Interview with President Barack Obama

On last night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah headed to the White House for an interview with President Obama, and in case you missed it, Comedy Central uploaded the full conversation online today. During their chat, Noah and Obama talk about the DNC hacks and resulting CIA investigation into Russia’s possible involvement in the election, what he thinks of Trump skipping his daily intelligence briefings, Obamacare, and how to talk about racism in the US specifically as a black man.

“There’s not been a time in my public life or in my presidency where I feel as if I have had to bite my tongue. There have been times in my public life where I have said ‘How do I say this diplomatically?’” Obama says. “If Chris Rock’s doing standup, then there’s a benefit to him doing something that is different from the President of the United States doing something. For one thing, he doesn’t have to edit his language quite as carefully, because I am still subject to some restraints – those seven words George Carlin talked about, I can’t use those as a general proposition, because a lot of children are watching. I try to comport myself in a way that my mother would approve of.”

Watch the full interview above.

Watch Trevor Noah’s ‘Daily Show’ Interview with […]