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Watch Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard, as Dec. 99th, Perform Together

As befits a year that feels like the longest on record, here enters a musical duo called Dec. 99th. The pair, also known as Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) and Ferrari Sheppard, released a self-titled album a few days ago and stopped by The Tonight Show to play a medley of tracks before wrapping up what Bey has called his “farewell shows” at the historic Apollo Theater. As with Solange’s standout performance a few weeks ago, Fallon’s show seems comfortable affording some time, space, and aesthetic freedom to its musical guests. The results are a little hypnotic and mysterious, an intriguing and low-key way to slide into December’s end (which is actually on the 31st, not the 99th, no matter what they say).

Watch Yasiin Bey and Ferrari Sheppard Perform