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Tom Arnold: ‘Watergate Level Journalists’ Have Damning Trump Apprentice Tapes

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Tom Arnold Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

Last week, comedian Tom Arnold came forward with the information that he has in his possession outtakes from Celebrity Apprentice in which the show’s host, United States President-elect Donald Trump, can be seen and heard “saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children,” among other delights. Arnold has said he will not release the tapes, which he received from Apprentice producers who meant it as a joke years ago — before anyone thought the perpetrator of such comments would be the president of the United States — because he fears for his own safety and that of his family. And, according to Arnold, those same producers fear the repercussions of the tapes’ release professionally (presumably, there are strict contractual considerations).

Well today, according to The Hollywood Reporter, there are developments: In a series of tweets directed at actor Michael Rapaport (who essentially asked Arnold to step up and release the tapes), Arnold somewhat clarified his position, stating that the content of the tapes was “disgusting but not illegal.” Furthermore, he said, “smart Watergate level journalists are on top of this.” While Arnold does not clarify what that means, exactly, the implication is that a larger story, one with criminal implications, may be developing here.

Read the tweet thread, below, and let us sit back while our comedians and actors increasingly become arbiters of political discourse in this crazy nation/year.

‘Watergate Level Journalists’ Have Trump Tapes