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Will Smith, Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman Reveal the True Cost of Fame: No More Peeing in Peace

Anybody who has ever been emotionally manipulated by a biopic knows that there’s more to fame than cool clothes and fast cash, and it ain’t cute. But when Will Smith, Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman visited The Graham Norton Show, the actors brought to light a detail far worse than the mere corrosion of one’s soul into a commodity: When you’re famous, you can’t pee in peace. If you’re a man, other men will encroach upon a sacred space, approaching you at the urinal, and while that uncomfortable interaction is at least a quick one, women have the plight of painful anticipation. Because from the very back of a women’s bathroom line that reliably wraps its way around the Earth’s crust, you know the fate that awaits you: You know that fans will listen to you pee. Stars, they’re just like us, hoping someone turns on a sink and lets that water whoosh.

Will Smith and Helen Mirren Can’t Pee in Peace