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Woody Harrelson Will Make a Movie Live As It Airs in Theaters

Woody Harrelson. Photo: Fathom Events

Woody Harrelson sees your Hairspray Live! and he laughs in its face. The actor has announced his plans to expand the scope of what live productions have ever done, making history with a live movie. Called Lost in London, the film will be shot while it is airing in theaters. The format marks a milestone, according to Harrelson, who vows that “no one’s ever been that stupid — until now.” The actor is also directing and writing Lost in London, which he describes as being about “one of the worst nights in my life that I thought would make good comedy.” Again, depending on how this whole live movie things goes “… until now.” The live event, set to run in theaters on January 19, will also star Harrelson compatriots Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson, so steel yourself for a whole lot of drawling pauses. Watch Harrelson’s (pre-taped) announcement of the project below.

Woody Harrelson Is Making a Live Movie