inauguration 2017

Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana Prepare for the Trumpocalypse

It’s Inauguration Day, and Abbi is red-faced (literally — she just had her mustache lasered off) and stuck in an elevator. Both of the Broad City women are daunted by the idea of Donald Trump’s inauguration and the inevitable I Am Legend–style apocalypse to follow. With Ilana hiding out at home, the two are talking over FaceTime when they get the push notification announcing Trump’s swearing in. The video is called “Inauguration Uncensored,” but the only word that’s censored is the new president’s last name. Respond to the news the Broad City way: Loot enough supplies to last the next four years, and hold on to your friends. If nothing else, at least we’ve got Ilana’s perfect characterization of Joe Biden’s replacement: “[Mike] Pence looks like a fucking wooden doll from the ‘50s!”

Abbi and Ilana Prepare for the Trumpocalypse