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FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper Returns in Latest Twin Peaks Teaser

The revival of Twin Peaks has been a super-hush-hush affair. We’ve gotten two “teasers” so far, but all they’ve shown us is David Lynch eating a doughnut and composer Angelo Badalamenti giving an emotional performance of the show’s iconic theme song with his face and hands appearing as a kind of watercolor over an evergreen forest. That’s all to say, we haven’t seen any spoilers. This new clip is just about as vague as the others, but it’s the first one to show us an actual, central character from the show. (Not to say that Lynch’s Gordon Cole and his pastry consumption won’t play an important role in the series, because who’s to say at this point?) Here is Kyle MacLachlan as a very stern-faced Agent Dale Cooper, and whatever that does and does not mean.

Agent Cooper Returns in Latest Twin Peaks Teaser