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AMC Is Adapting Another John le Carré Spy Novel for Your Viewing Pleasure

Le gasp, le Carré! Photo: 2017 Getty Images

Hot off The Night Manager’s raging success at this year’s Golden Globes Hugh Laurie! Olivia Colman! Tom Hiddleston’s, uh, speech! AMC and the BBC will be teaming up to once again bring a John le Carré novel to the small screen. This time around, the two networks will collaborate on a limited-series adaptation of le Carré’s 1963 outing The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, which is set at the height of the Cold War and follows a vengeful British agent sent to East Germany to gather information on a powerful counterintelligence officer. Oscar winner Simon Beaufoy will write the entire series, while le Carré himself is “very excited” for the adaptation. Espionage, can’t get enough of it.

AMC Is Adapting Another John le Carré Spy Novel