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Amy Landecker Almost Didn’t Get a Part for Not Being ‘Hot Enough’ to Play Adam Carolla’s Ex-Wife

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals
Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Emma Stone’s portrayal of aspiring actress Mia, and her horribly awkward audition experience, was enough to help La La Land break records at last night’s Golden Globes. But that kind of mortifying encounter is all-too-familiar for most of the award show’s attendees. And, as Transparent’s Amy Landecker told Vulture on the red carpet, the emotional trauma of auditioning can cut far deeper than a casting director’s cold shoulder. “Adam Carolla is a comic, and by his own definition wouldn’t say he’s like the best-looking guy in the world. But I was auditioning to play his ex-wife — as a recurring, not even a series regular — on a pilot, and he chose me, the producers chose me, the writers chose me, and NBC wasn’t sure I was hot enough to play his ex-wife,” Landecker said. “So I had to go back in and show my boobs — which are out on display tonight — and wear a lot more makeup, and then I got the job.” It wasn’t only Landecker’s ingenuity that helped her land the role though: Validation from a pair of famous directors helped, too. “I had just played this kinda hottie in a Coen Brothers movie and [Adam’s] like, ‘If she’s hot enough for the Coen Brothers movie, she’s hot enough to be my ex-wife.’” The sexually adventurous Pfefferman has no qualms about using her cleavage to get a leg up. “I’m a feminist,” she said, “but I’ll do anything for a job. I’m a total whore.”

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