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Amy Schumer’s New Netflix Special Can’t Premiere Soon Enough, Because We Desperately Need Fresh, Non-2016 Jokes

Comedy Central Night Of Too Many Stars - Show
Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Comedy Central

Like every election year, 2016 was dominated by hyperspecific political jokes and memes that frequently died on the vine before half of the nation could get a chance fight about them on Facebook. Well, forget all those dried-up, boring jokes of yesteryear and enjoy some hot, fresh laffs, presumably like those in Amy Schumer’s upcoming Netflix special. (Unless Amy Schumer wants to do a 100 percent political set, which at this point is completely understandable.) According to Netflix, the as-yet-unnamed special was recorded November 5 at Denver’s Bellco Theater, and will debut on Tuesday, March 7. “Very happy to be a part of the Netflix family for this special,” Schumer said in their release. “Maybe now they will look at my Stranger Things audition tape to play the demogorgon for Season 2.” Okay, so the special was recorded back in November, so it might have a few overtly 2016 jokes in it, but that’s fine. Remember Barb? We all liked her. You wouldn’t mind a Barb joke or two following us into the new year, would you?

Amy Schumer’s New Special Is Headed to Netflix