Your Cool Mom Annette Bening Just Discovered Emoji, and Now Prefers Them to Words

26th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards
Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Fortunately for him, director Mike Mills was able to eke out his latest critically acclaimed family dramedy before the film’s star started communicating entirely with images of skulls, monkeys, and eggplants. As Golden Globe nominee–Annette Bening explains in the new W Magazine, once her kids taught her about emoji (a process which would itself be worth watching in the theater), it became clear that emoji are simply the better language. “I love emojis. I like the thumbs-up. I’m also big on the heart. I really like the woman in the red dress — she appears quite often in my texts. I also use the blue spiral and the namaste,” the 20th Century Women star explained. “I learned about emojis from my children, and often now, I almost prefer not to use words, just emojis. In the past few days, for instance. I’ve been using that loudspeaker one. It means I’m making noise about something.” The makers of The Emoji Movie must be absolutely kicking themselves for failing to give Annette Bening top billing.

Annette Bening Prefers Emoji to Words