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Antoine Fuqua Won’t Be Directing the Scarface Reboot After All

Photo: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Every day aboveground is a good day, but comparatively, today counts among the slightly less good: Variety reports that director Antoine Fuqua has had to pull out of Universal’s Scarface reboot. As Vulture anticipated, The Magnificent Seven director’s jam-packed schedule proved too busy to accommodate the film, specifically his commitment to the upcoming sequel to The Equalizer starring Denzel Washington. As it’s already passed through the hands of directors like Pablo Larraín and David Yates, Universal must once again start the hunt for a new director for their current modern-day reimagining, which is currently a Diego Luna vehicle. In this country, you gotta pick the director first. Then when you get the director, you get the shooting schedule. Then when you get the shooting schedule, you get Diego Luna, wildly firing a machine gun over a mountain of cocaine.

Antoine Fuqua Exits Scarface Reboot