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Arrested Development Might Be Considering Adding a Bunch of Flashbacks to Confuse You Even More in a Possible Season 5

Chicken Dance: Origins. Photo: Michael Yarish/Netflix

Despite the fact that none of the Bluths seem to have time in their schedules to return to Arrested Development, there’s always money in the banana stand, and thus, the people behind the show have reportedly found an ingenious way to develop a new season. According to TVLine, the show plans to get around the stars’ limited availability, which forced season four to come up with some creative work-arounds, by setting half of the action in flashbacks that center on “much younger versions of all the principal characters (played by different actors).” Earlier this month, executive producer Brian Grazer said that season five of Arrested Development is “really close,” though he and others involved with the show haven’t commented on this flashback structure as yet (Vulture has reached out to Netflix for comment). The idea isn’t totally set in stone, according to TVLine’s source — it could, after all, be a huge mistake — but we just want to know: Are we going to return to Kristen Wiig as young Lucille, or will we have to get into some sort of Hailee Steinfeld as teen Lucille sort of situation?

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