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A Deal for Season 5 of Arrested Development Is ‘Close,’ They Mean It This Time

Arrested Development. Photo: 20th Century Fox

Dust off your best chicken dance, because there’s a celebration in order: New Arrested Development episodes are finally, almost definitely, for sure happening pretty soon. We know, you’ve heard this racket before — six months ago, creator Mitch Hurwitz said Arrested Development’s fifth season was “very close” and then … radio silence. But now we have something of a timeline for your hopes and dreams. According to producer Brian Glazer, a deal for more Arrested Development is “close,” and by “close” he means, “We are really close — I think within a couple of weeks at the most.” Glazer gave the update at the TCAs, where he explained that the reason the show’s development has been, uh, arrested is the demands of its insanely busy and otherwise inclined cast. Now, though, it seems some sort of settlement has been reached. “I think we found a way to create the compensation structure for all the actors and create a work matrix so they can still make movies and do other things and it will all integrate,” he said. Details, schmetails. Arrested Development is (very nearly almost) back, baby.

An Arrested Development Season-5 Deal Is ‘Close’