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Self-Proclaimed Witch Azealia Banks Wants to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration

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Photo: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nasty Gal

There are lists of performers who have turned down invitations to perform at Donald Trump’s inauguration, and lists of performers who have agreed to perform in the service of our new president this weekend. But the unsung list consists of those hoping to get the Make America Great Again Through Music call, and whose phones just aren’t ringing. Then again, though, there’s nothing typical about Azealia Banks, who would be super jazzed to celebrate Trump. Banks wrote on Facebook today, “Saw the entertainment line for the inauguration it made me very upset. This is an EPIC moment in modern history and it should def be celebrated in style. I would love to perform at the inauguration.” The self-proclaimed “real witch” who does “real things” has mere hours left for her dreams to come true. Then, in a moment that seems like it could only have been born at a far-right ice-cream social, problematic person and professional attention-seeker Milo Yiannopoulos replied to Banks’s post by saying, “You’re my first, second, and last choice.” Maybe those two can just head to the inauguration together and get lost along the way for, like, a very long time in a place with no internet.

Azealia Banks Wants to Perform at Inauguration