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Embarrassing Dad Ben Affleck Can’t Name a Single Taylor Swift Song

Poor Violet Affleck. Like most 11-year-old girls, all she wanted out of life is a father she can drag to Taylor Swift concerts with the hope that at least one song would leave a lasting impression, but instead she got Ben Affleck. Appearing on Ellen, Affleck swears he’s attended many a Swift convention with his daughter (and all the other sad dads) and finds Taylor to be a “great role model” — he just can’t quite prove it. In a game of “Five-Second Rule” with Ellen, Affleck swiftly revoked all cred by failing miserably to name even one Taylor Swift song, forget about three: “’1989,’ ‘I Still Love You,’ the John Mayer thing … come on! She’s amazing. I love Taylor Swift. I’m blanking.” Sure, Ben. As Violet will surely lecture her father as soon as she witnesses this public embarrassment, there’s no actual song called “1989” on the album 1989, “I Still Love You” definitely doesn’t exist, and, wow, Ben, the song you’re thinking of has a name and it’s “Dear John.” Ugh, dads.

Ben Affleck Can’t Name One Taylor Swift Song