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Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio Have a Cute Little Book-Swapping Thing Going On

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Photo: Kevin Mazur/VF16/WireImage/Getty Images

Ben Affleck never made the cut for the Pussy Posse, but he and Leonardo DiCaprio still share a special bromance. Not only did Leo produce Live by Night, he’s the one who initially put the Denis Lehane novel the film was adapted from on Ben’s radar. “When I had the success of Argo, I kind of got to leverage that. It was sort of pick what you want to do and this is what I wanted to do,” Affleck told the Associated Press. He wanted to make “a classic Warners picture,” so the book about a Boston-born bootlegger taking down the Florida KKK seemed like a good move. But what other books could the two be swapping? Heavily annotated copies of The Great Gatsby, trying to figure out where it all went wrong? Salinger paperbacks? Something buzzy like Zadie Smith’s Swing Time? More importantly, do Tobey Maguire and Matt Damon know about this?

Ben Affleck and Leo DiCaprio Swap Books, FYI