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Ben Affleck Noticed His Brother Didn’t Thank Him at the Golden Globes, and Now Casey Must Pay the Price

Though forgetting to thank a spouse, parent, colleague or sibling is a common award-show blunder (you try remembering two dozen names in the course of one minute while on stage in front thousands), most celebrities are not forced to reckon with an even more famous older brother who won’t let them live that mistake down. During Jimmy Kimmel Live! Ben Affleck took a break from promoting his latest feature Live by Night to razz Sunday’s Golden Globes Best Actor winner Casey Affleck, who managed to thank Matt Damon for his award and not Damon’s best friend/Casey’s own older brother and mentor, Ben Affleck. Ben wasn’t taking the snub too personally, though. He thinks Casey still has a good shot at taking the Oscar for the same category, even if he would be the first Academy Award winner who “didn’t brush his teeth from ages 10 to 14” and thought “Back to the Future was a true story.”

Ben Affleck Noticed Casey Didn’t Thank Him