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This Marvel Cover Has a Great Beyoncé Homage

For all too long, the geek world was denied something it deserved — nay, needed: a comics series starring America Chavez. The character, introduced in 2011, is one of a kind: an ornery, queer Latina from another universe who can punch through dimensions. She gained a rabid following after co-starring in the incredible early-2010s Young Avengers title, but her owners at Marvel Comics only recently wised up and gave her her own, the simply titled America. Written by another queer Latina, Gabby Rivera, its second issue comes out in April and has a rad-as-heck cover that’s been making the rounds since it was unveiled earlier this week. Penciled by Joe Quinones, it’s a blunt homage to Beyoncé’s “Formation” video, which is an appropriate fit for Ms. America’s defiance of hegemony. At her side are her fellow teammates on superteam the Ultimates: Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel; and Monica Rambeau, who also used to be known as Captain Marvel, because comics are confusing. Marvel has run into trouble for its obsession with doing covers that homage hip-hop album covers, but this sucker has managed to avoid such critique, unsurprisingly.

Photo: Joe Quinones/Marvel Entertainment