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Billie Lourd Praises Mom Carrie Fisher’s Signature Humor in New Tribute: ‘I Learned From the Best’

Following the gut punch of losing the fabulous mother-daughter duo of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher within days of one another last month, Billie Lourd, Fisher’s daughter and Reynolds’s granddaughter, has understandably remained mostly silent in the subsequent weeks to mourn. The only time she’s publicly addressed the women’s deaths came recently, when she posted an image on Instagram to express gratitude to everyone who has reached out to support her during a time where she “thought strength could not exist.” Now, once again taking to Instagram, Lourd has penned a brief tribute in praise of her late mother’s legendary sense of humor with an old photo of the two:

“If my life weren’t funny then it would just be true and that is unacceptable” -❤☪️🅰️rrℹ️📧 Fℹ️💰♓️📧r ❤Finding the funny might take a while but I learned from the best and her voice will forever be in my head and in my heart

Here’s hoping she and Gary Fisher are doing okay.

Billie Lourd Remembers Mom Carrie Fisher