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Billy Eichner Helps New Yorkers Bid Good-bye to That Show They Know and Love, Bones

Bones, the show that seemed like it would last forever but only made it to a scant 12 seasons, is about to start its farewell journey into the great TV beyond. In honor of its passing, Billy Eichner traveled the streets of New York, gathering sweet remembrances from locals like, “I liked that Bones, man,” “I’m sorry, Bones,” and “It’s ending? No!!!” As part of our own remembrance of Bones, we at Vulture would like to remind the world of the time the RNC ran into the Bones time slot, prompting the classic quote from star Emily Deschanel, “Politics shmolitics they should have just forgotten about the convention and shown @BONESonFOX !! #fail.” Let this be a motto for 2017: Politics shmolitics, give us more Bones!

Billy Eichner Bids Good-bye to Bones