Bob Dylan Has Made His Third Frank Sinatra Covers Album — Proof He Really Was Too Busy for the Nobel Prize

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Mystery solved. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Because some people just have to do it their way, Bob Dylan has now made three album’s worth of Frank Sinatra covers. Actually, make that five — his latest, Triplicate (very funny, Bob), is a triple album that joins the two other albums of songs made popular by Sinatra that Dylan has already stripped down and mired in melancholy. His latest tackles 30 more entries in the Great American Songbook — “The Best Is Yet to Come,” “September of My Years,” You Go to My Head,” and plenty more — curated into three chapters: ‘Til the Sun Goes Down, Devil Dolls, and Comin’ Home Late. For a preview of what’s to come, hear Dylan’s absolutely lovely take on “I Could Have Told You” and wonder no more what he was doing all those times he was too busy to be bothered by the Nobel Prize Committee. Triplicate follows 2016’s Fallen Angels and will arrive March 31, just in time for Dylan to play a whole set of Sinatra at Firefly if he damn well wishes. Remember, you wanted this!

Bob Dylan Made a Third Sinatra Covers Album