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Watch the Trailer for the Britney Spears Lifetime Movie Britney Ever After

Actress Natasha Bassett has a tough job. She’s taken on the role of Britney Spears for the upcoming Lifetime movie Britney Ever After, which means she has to convincingly embody one of the biggest pop stars in history in a movie that focuses on her infamous public meltdown. This first teaser is mostly a sizzle reel of big moments: the head shaving, the umbrella car beat down, a brief snippet of white-hot stage lights that illuminate and obscure our star. So, Britney fans, be skeptical, but be fair. No one can ever be Britney, but in a best-case scenario, Ever After can pay proper homage to Britney on February 18 on Lifetime.

The Britney Spears Lifetime Movie Has a Trailer