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Bruce Springsteen on Women’s March: ‘We Are the New American Resistance’

Touring with the E Street Band in Australia, Bruce Springsteen couldn’t show his support for the Women’s March in person. Even from across the world, though, the Boss made it clear that his solidarity is with the protesters, telling a Perth crowd that “our hearts and spirits are with the hundreds of thousands of women and men that marched yesterday in every city in America, and in Melbourne who rallied against hate and division and in support of tolerance, inclusion, reproductive rights, civil rights, racial justice, LGBTQ rights, the environment, wage equality, gender equality, healthcare, and immigrant rights.” Springsteen, who has made no secret of his antipathy for the new president, calling Donald Trump a “moron,” ended his message with a rallying cry: “We stand with you. We are the new American resistance.” Watch above.

Bruce Springsteen on ‘New American Resistance’