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Bruce Springsteen Speaks Out Against ‘Anti-Democratic and Fundamentally Un-American’ Muslim Ban

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Bruce isn’t having it. Photo: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Though Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band may be on the other side of the world — they’re currently performing in Australia —they haven’t distanced themselves from the chaos that’s unfolded back home during Donald Trump’s first week in office. Springsteen recently used these concerts as a platform to publicly support the Women’s March and back the “new American resistance” to Trump’s presidency. Tonight in Adelaide, he joined the throngs of celebrities and protesters across the country in denouncing Trump’s Muslim and refugee ban, calling the executive order “anti-democratic and fundamentally un-American.” “America is a nation of immigrants,” Bruce added. In 2010, Springsteen accepted his Ellis Island Family Heritage Award on behalf of his family of immigrants, which included his grandparents, and offered “God’s grace, safe passage, and good fortune to those who are crossing our borders today.” Springsteen closed his remarks in Adelaide by dedicating a performance of “American Land” to all immigrants.

Bruce Springsteen Speaks Out Against Muslim Ban