last night on late night

Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, Giovanni Ribisi, and James Corden Star in a Very Kanye Soap Opera

Kanye West’s oeuvre is a vast and unwieldy expanse, but leave it to The Late Late Show to try to make it linear by applying it to that other unpredictable form, the soap opera. James Corden invited Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, and Giovanni Ribisi aboard to craft a gripping soap scene using only their own acting wiles and Kanye lyrics. And boy do these thespians commit, with the exception of Cranston, who, enthusiasm aside, is the clear weak link. Not only does he confuse “Hotline Bling” for a Kanye jam, but he name-drops she who must never be named, so our condolences to the merry players for the consequent pox on all of their houses.

Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel Do Kanye Soap Opera