Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men TV Pilot

Don’t call it a comeback. Photo: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

The longest-running continuous shared universe in American cinema is that of the maudlin mutants in the X-Men, and it appears that their aesthetic continuity will, uh, continue: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Singer will direct the as-yet-untitled X-Men TV pilot. The showrunner for the prospective series is Burn Notice alum Matt Nix, but given that the plan is for the show to exist in the same universe as the films (unlike the seemingly independent televised X-adaptation Legion), it only makes sense that the shepherds of intellectual property at Fox would want the unique touch of the guy who’s been directing these flicks on and off since 2000. The show will apparently follow a family on the run from shadowy forces that persecute mutants, but we don’t know any plot details beyond that. Perhaps one of the kids is Adam X the X-Treme?