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Carole King Releases an Acoustic Version of Her Song ‘One Small Voice’

Democratic National Convention: Day Four
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

In 1982, Carole King released the song “One Small Voice.” It was a subtle anthem about standing up to power, and its lyrics are unfortunately applicable to our current historical moment. “The Emperor’s got no clothes on, no clothes,” sang King. “He doesn’t want to know what goes on, though everyone knows.” Well it turns out that King re-recorded the track a few decades after its original release, and stripped out the synthesizers in favor of her signature piano accompaniment. She remembered the second version she made while preparing to participate in the local branch of the woman’s march this past weekend, and is now releasing it for the first time. “I marched in a snowstorm in Stanley, Idaho (pop. 63) with 29 other people comprising half the town,” King wrote for The Huffington Post. “I carried a handmade sign that said ‘One Small Voice’ because I’ve never stopped believing that one small voice plus millions of other small voices is exactly how we change the world.”

Carole King Re-Releases Song ‘One Small Voice’