In Case You Forgot Carrie Fisher Is the Greatest: Her Urn Is Shaped Like a Giant Prozac Pill

In life, Carrie Fisher was always ready to poke fun at the medications that helped her cope with mental illness, and her humor lives on after her death. Fisher’s brother, Todd, was seen carrying what appears to be a green-and-white urn shaped like a Prozac pill after the memorial service for the Star Wars star and their mother, Debbie Reynolds, later confirming to The Hollywood Reporter that the pill is indeed Fisher’s urn. (“It was a porcelain antique Prozac pill from the ’50s that was one of Carrie’s prized possessions,” he said.) By picking Prozac, Fisher’s final resting place keeps with her life’s advocacy: destigmatizing mental illness. The antidepressant in particular was the source of many of Fisher’s gags: A 2009 New York Magazine interview with Fisher reported that her kitchen floor had tiles “shaped and labeled like enormous tablets of Prozac.” May you have all the Prozac you could ever want in heaven, Carrie.

Carrie Fisher’s Urn Is a Big Prozac Pill