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Cate Blanchett Has Emotions on Tonight Show, Many About Donald Trump

What would normally be a routine Tonight Show game on Monday was slyly commandeered by guest, and actress extraordinaire, Cate Blanchett. The game, called “Emotional Interview,” required Blanchett to have a conversation with host Jimmy Fallon in which they both changed the tone of the talk to reflect different random scenarios like “exes who just ran into each other” or “talking too loudly.” Blanchett, however, veered the conversation in a way all-American, nonpartisan Fallon was probably not expecting. During the “gives bad advice” section, Blanchett suggested people should take out all their savings and give them to President Donald Trump, which was a pretty solid joke. She then kept up the criticism in the next portion, “uses too many metaphors,” by not really making a bunch of metaphors, but instead blasting Trump’s reputation as a business man. Fallon, perhaps most famous this past election cycle for his hair tussle, side-stepped the conversation with some weird comment about a giraffe. Artful Dodger he is not.

Cate Blanchett Has Emotions, Many About Trump