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Catfight Trailer: Anne Heche and Sandra Oh Are Beating Each Other Mercilessly

Catfight probably won’t just be a movie about Sandra Oh and Anne Heche beating the hell out of each other for at least 70 percent of its run time, but it’s definitely 100 percent more of that than any other movie ever made. Oh and Heche play two former classmates who lead very separate lives, but who manage to become very close witnesses to each other’s total destruction. The whole thing seems batty, but the most unbelievable part is clearly that Heche beats Oh in hand-to-hand combat, which feels very suspect. If anyone’s going to the hospital in that showdown, it’s Heche. Elsewhere, there’s Alicia Silverstone playing Heche’s significant other (who Heche describes as the masculine one), and Tituss Burgess playing a physical-therapy nurse. This looks like a wild ride.

Catfight Trailer: Anne Heche, Sandra Oh at War