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Rihanna Calls Donald Trump an ‘Immoral Pig,’ Kumail Nanjiani Talks the Makings of a Terrorist, and Other Ways Celebrities Are Condemning Trump’s Muslim Ban

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Rihanna. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As Donald Trump implemented his executive order barring refugees and persons from several Muslim countries from entering the country this weekend, Hollywood responded with outrage. Indeed, as protests broke out across the country, a number of famous Trump detractors voiced condemnations of the policy on social media. From insulting Trump to sharing immigrant stories, from demanding involvement of lawmakers to applauding the ACLU for winning a temporary stay of the order, from donating money to denouncing Islamophobia and xenophobia, here are some of the ways celebrities including Rihanna, Kumail Nanjiani, and Kim Kardashian are responding to the new world order.

Celebrities Condemn Trump’s Muslim Ban