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Cher on Trump Supporters: ‘We Are Going to Kick Their Ass’

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - July 12, 2015
Cher. Photo: GVK/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

After turning out for the Women’s March on Saturday, Cher still had plenty of fight in her, further expressing her frustration with Donald Trump and his supporters on a call to Hardball With Chris Matthews. (Between this and Barbra Streisand’s recent mid-teeth-cleaning Trump chat, Hardball is becoming the go-to place for diva flybys.) Responding to the “sore losers” argument about protesters, Cher kept things direct, saying, “”His supporters always call us whiners, but we are going to kick their ass.” She also explained the difference between being miffed that your favored candidate didn’t win and a historic turnout of people who find the reality of President Trump untenable: “You’d be disappointed if Mitt Romney won … Trump is a different thing altogether.” But even while hoping to crush Trump supporters in the political battles ahead, Cher maintains compassion for them. “I actually support his people because they feel disenfranchised, and through some sort of miracle, they think he will fix their problems,” she said.

Cher on Trump Supporters: We’ll ‘Kick Their Ass’