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Chewbacca Makes Like a Sentient Lightsaber and Yanks a Guy’s Arm Off in This Force Awakens Deleted Scene

The Star Wars universe has seen its fair share of limb detachments. But while a lightsaber has a kind of clinically elegant touch, there are some itches that only monstrous brute force can scratch. And so we bring to your attention a shockingly brutal deleted scene from The Force Awakens in which Chewbacca gets fed up and swiftly pulls a guy’s arm right out of the socket. The scene in question would have gone down during the stop at Maz Kanata’s castle, when Unkar Plutt, last seen looking mad on Jakku, tries to give Rey some trouble. As Unkar yanks Rey’s weapon from her, Chewbacca steps in to respond in kind, yanking the junk boss’s arm clean away from its intended. A gentle giant he is not. At least it seems that whatever an Unkar Plutt is isn’t much a bleeder.

Update January 17: The video has been removed.

Chewbacca Gets Gruesome in TFA Deleted Scene