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Kate Winslet Was a Master at Avoiding Drunk Fangirl Claire Foy at a Party

Who among us hasn’t been minding their own business when, out of nowhere, they’re accosted by a drunken fan who’ll someday go on to play the Queen of England? In the most British story ever told, Golden Globe nominee and star of The Crown Claire Foy says she once tried way too hard to get the attention of the queen of our hearts Kate Winslet at a party back when Foy was much less famous. Foy was very intoxicated at the time and couldn’t fully control her fawning. Kate, of course, had the perfect response to Foy’s persistence when her friend mentioned Foy was an actress, too: “Keep on trucking.” Awkward! Thank goodness Foy can chuckle about her fangirl fail now, because that would really be embarrassing if it still haunted her to this day. Oh, wait.

Claire Foy Has a Great Kate Winslet Story