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Stephen Colbert and Billy Eichner Investigate: Is the ‘New York Bubble’ Really a Thing?

Stephen “Emmy winner” Colbert and Billy “proudly elitist gay Jewish liberal native New Yorker piece of shit snowflake” Eichner know all about those coastal elitists who aren’t in touch with the rest of America. So during an episode of Billy on the Street, they decided to take to the streets of Manhattan to see if this supposed “New York bubble” actually exists as much as certain Republicans think it does, and, as you may expect, New Yorkers aren’t too sold on the term. Come for their heated messages to Donald Trump, and stay for Eichner throwing some sick burns at the current Late Show host. (“Stephen, get back here. He tried to get back to Comedy Central. Yeah, if only!”) Sad!

Colbert, Eichner Tackle the ‘New York Bubble’