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Connie Britton Reassures the Nation’s Rayna Stans That She’s ‘In for the Duration’ on the Next Season of Nashville

When Nashville returned from the dead for a fifth season on CMT, there were reports that Connie Britton might have a reduced role in the revived series, along the lines of ten episodes in the 22-episode season, which would give her time to pursue other, great, hopefully Ryan Murphy–adjacent pursuits. But it seems that Rayna James isn’t giving up on Tennessee that easy. In an appearance on Ellen, Britton promised that she’s “in for the duration” of the new season — does that vague phrase leave her a lot of wiggle room? Of course it does! But still, it’s a nice to have some assurance that Connie Britton’s hair will remain a big presence on TV.

Connie Britton’s All In on Nashville