Daisy Ridley Cast as American Spy Virginia Hall, and Had Better Come Correct With That Baltimore Accent

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

A little bit Philly, a little bit Valley Girl, with a dash of mid-Atlantic: The Baltimore accent is among the trickiest of American speech patterns to nail down, hon. That’s probably not the specific reason Daisy Ridley accepted the role of Baltimore-born Allied spy Virginia Hall, but clearly The Force Awakens actress likes a challenge. According to EW, Ridley has been cast in the upcoming WWII biopic A Woman of No Importance from Paramount Pictures. Based on author Sonia Purnell’s biography of the same name, the film will following the life of Virginia Hall Goillot, or, as the Germans dubbed her, “the limping lady.” Having lost part of one of her legs in a hunting accident, Hall pursued a life in intelligence and espionage, despite being turned down from the foreign service due to her disability. Hall went on to work for the British Special Operations Executive as part of the French Resistance, the American Office of Strategic Services, and, later in her life, the CIA. She also probably pronounced her “o” as “eh-ew,” which is very tricky to convey correctly if you’re not from there.

Daisy Ridley Cast in American Spy Biopic