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Disney Could Reportedly Receive $50 Million Insurance Payout for Carrie Fisher’s Death

Carrie Fisher as General Leia Organa in The Force Awakens.

Disney could potentially receive a $50 million insurance payout for the death of Carrie Fisher, according to a report by Insurance Insider. The policy was reportedly taken out to cover Fisher’s obligations to appear in the three new Star Wars films. While Fisher did complete work on Episode VIII before her death, production on Episode IX has yet to begin. According to Insurance Insider, Disney bought the policy from Lloyd’s of London, and it is now possible that the company will pay out the market’s biggest ever single personal-accident insurance claim. Creatively, it is too soon to know how Disney will proceed given Fisher’s unexpected passing. While Rogue One made use of visual effects to feature the late Peter Cushing, as well as a young Fisher, the solution would be controversial in Fisher’s case. Not only is it unclear as to whether Fisher’s reportedly considerable role in Episode VIII was intended to give way to similar screen time in Episode IX, but Fisher’s Leia is a more clearly iconic role than Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin, and fans have already pushed back against the possibility of such an appearance.

Disney Might Get $50 Mil for Carrie Fisher Death